Introduction to the Fairy Realm

Have you ever asked yourself who the fairies are? Do I have any fairies around me? How can they help? The fairies are divine beings who are strongly connected with mother earth. They can be referred to as nature angels. They provide guidance and joy to a person’s life and work with individuals on their life path. This 1 day introductory with Carolyn Smith is a great opportunity receive answers to the questions you may have about the fairies. During this day you will be able to connect with fairy energy and learn tools the fairies have provided. You will learn to connect with the fairies and how they can help you. This day is full of fun, joyful energy, and will allow you to connect with your inner child again!

During this introductory course you will:

  • Learn to trust your intuitive
  • Learn to trust the Fairies
  • Meditate with the Fairies
  • Learn who the Fairies are
  • Learn about the Four Senses and how they relate to the Fairies
  • Learn how the Fairies work with kids, animals, and crystals
  • Much more…..

The intro course introduces who the fairies are and how to connect with them. You will learn about the myths associated with the fairies, and the truth behind their being. Throughout the day the fairies will guide us through different aspects of life that these beings can assist us with. For example, the fairies can help with career, life purpose, joy, and practical creativity. Their positive energy will help you connect with your own intuitive abilities and your four senses; hearing, seeing, knowing, and feeling. It is a fun filled two days that will open your mind to the divine gifts of mother nature.

If you have any questions about this introductory course please feel free to contact Carolyn.


Phone: 587-225-6600