My Journey

How my journey began!

Throughout my life I always trusted in my gut feeling, whether it was negative or positive. I used it throughout my life in many situations, but not until later on my life did I realize I was trusting in my intuitive feelings.

As a young girl I was connected with beings all around me, including mother earth, and the fairies. I would play with them everyday and I always knew they were by my side. I did not tell many people other than my parents about my experiences because that gut feeling told me that not everyone in my life would understand, but instead this put me into fear that I could not share my true self. Even as a young open child from day one I was instilled with fear around my energetic feelings. I had no idea how to control my feelings. Fortunately this fear never stopped me from connecting with energy; Fairies, angels, mother nature, and the spirits. At times it was hard because I had a hard time turning off and as a child I was over whelmed.

Around the age 8 my life shifted completely when my mother Cindy Smith had taken her first Angel Therapy Course with Doreen Virtue. With this piece of knowledge my mother had opened me up into a whole new understanding of the feelings I had. Most importantly she showed me how to feel protected and safe. This was only the beginning.

In 2008 My mother had created her own course “Angel Empowerment Practitioner” and this brought my family and I new tools to understand energy. This course had me over the moon excited but it was not until I was 14 that I took the course and became a certified AEP. With more knowledge I was able to connect with my angels and understand my intuition. I adventured often many places continuing to learn through many different AEP courses. I worked through my fears and I still am, but everyday I open up more to the energy world. Through time I adventured off to places throughout Canada, the US, and even got to explore places through Ireland tapping into the energy around the world.

Each experience helped me grow and put me on my path, and I continue to be in my joy doing this work. Now I am 19 and I continue to learn everyday through the angels. I am bessed for the life I have been given and the people I have been able to connect with. ConnectedThroughArt is a part of my journey that will connect me with new people and take me to new places. I look forwadr to working with many and hearing your stories.

With Love and Light

Carolyn Smith