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“Welcome to my Website! We all are on our life’s journey- and each person is on a unique path. Whether you know it or not you connect with people for a reason, your energy is attracting you to different vibrational matches throughout your life. Connected Through Art is a way for me to meet individuals from around the world and connect through healing and creativity. I look Forward to connecting with you and many more people throughout my life’s path.”

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Carolyn Smith is a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner and Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner.  She has been guided by her team to empower others and help them live a life of joy. Through Angel Card Readings, Fairy Card Readings and other techniques learned through the AEP program Carolyn works with individuals along their life’s journey.

With her past education in art Carolyn can connect with her creative self and follow her guidance to create artwork. Art has been a passion of hers since she was a child and has given her a voice. She wishes to empower others through her work, or simply bring joy to their lives. Each piece she creates is set with the intention it will go to the right home!

On this site you will find a variety of services connected to both the energetic healing world, and the artistic world. Connected Through Art is a place where your stories can be shared, and you can learn to trust in yourself. If you have any questions about her artwork, services, or courses please contact her and she will connect with you as soon as possible!

“Carolyn is wise beyond her years… an old soul. She has a true gift of connection with the Angel and Fairy realms. I am impressed with the accuracy of her reading, both in explaining the cards and additional messages. Open your heart and mind to any messages you are meant to receive and you will be happy with the outcome. It was an honour and blessing to experience a reading with Carolyn!”

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